Wow what a day!

Day 2 has been pretty jam packed… We started the day at 8am, meeting Jeremy (journalist) at breakfast. We knew today we were being given a car, then pretty much had the day to ourselves, how wrong we were… Jeremy casually dropped in “do you know about the hospital visit at 11am” er no we didn’t.

William drove us to Carpenters collect our dinky little car (big change from the BMW 4×4!!), along with more press and photos of us getting in the car etc. after that we followed William back to RFU and we survived our first driving experience on the Fiji roads!

At FRU HQ we met Berlin (a very high up doctor), who drove us to the main Fiji hospital, where we were given a tour before a press conference in aid of the Fiji Water Foundation giving heart monitoring equipment to the hospital, so that nurses can go to the villages to help detect any heart problems early on. The nurses and doctors, along with the children and adults were so happy to see Ben – was a very humbling experience! The facilities were very basic, yet the nurse I talked to had been there for 29yrs, now head nurse looming after 518 beds!! Wow!

Then back to FRU, before Semi (previously Bill) drove us to Pacific Harbour – finally a piece of the Fiji I was expecting! We met Archie who gave us a tour of the resort, so beautiful, paradise! Ben looked at place as a potential training camp.

Semi has just driven us back – 100 miles an hour – and we’re back at base for a ‘cocktail evening’ at the hotel. It’s 5pm now, we’ve not stopped since 8am. Sadly we have to wear ‘Fiji water’ shirts later and there’s no way I’m posting a picture – they’re horrible!! Bula for now!

Some things to note:
* EVERYONE knows us, from road sweeps to the High Commission
* Ben’s hair seems to be a point of interest “is it real” er yes!
* We have avoided Kava so far
* Bens now sponsored by Mizuno and has kindly been given orange football boots to match him hair : )
* There is a lot of poverty here, yet they are the happiest/friendliest people I have ever met!
* Every village has a chief, a church and a rugby team, of course!
* The scenery here is just fanatic, the landscape changes every 5-10 minutes as you drive down Queens Road (the other is Kings Road!)

















5 thoughts on “Wow what a day!

  1. Wowsers! What a day indeed! So impressed that you found some time to write a post and so pleased that you did (just worked out how to leave a comment :-)). I particularly like your points to note! (especially about Ben’s hair!). Fiji Water sound like they are doing lots of brilliant work in Fiji… How cool would it be if the training camp could be in Pacific Harbour?! Hope the cocktail evening is fun and looking forward to the next instalment :-).

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